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Mellon Independence Center Digital Displays

Philadelphia's Newest and Largest Digital Spectacular. 


  • Twin giant LED displays are the first-of-their-kind in Philadelphia and usher in a new era in Out-of-Home opportunities in the 4th largest media market in the nation.
  • Covering both 7th, 8th, & Market Streets, Philadelphia's Newest and Largest Digital Display is redefining digital OOH media in this exciting market.


A2aMEDIA delivers on all aspects of the content programming cycle:

  • Creative Approach
  • Architectural Integration
  • Media Implementation
  • Campaign Programming
  • Display Technology
  • Local, Regional and Global Impact
  • Media Sales
  • Branding Rights
  • Consumer Experience Management


A2aMEDIA provides a uniquely complete opportunity to deliver the entire management and implementation structure for out of home media spectaculars. Our in-house team provides for the concept, design, evaluation, implementation, and management of all aspects of media delivery. This allows us to look at all verticals in the digital media and marketing world and provide the best capitalization of branding opportunities on new media.

By providing the overall management of the media implementation, A2aMEDIA integrates the best ideas into efficient, cost effective media solutions. We then manage those solutions and leverage them to generate exceptional value with our 1200+ brand relationships. A2aMEDIA integrates outside media vendors for media events where their implementation can generate high value returns on specific verticals. These are then managed through A2aMEDIA to provide a single point of representation to the owners group, allowing for a seamless and simple media management system.

Finally, A2aMEDIA works intimately with our Sales and Business Development teams to provide complete utilization of the each specific media site. This maximizes revenue generation and provide exceptional return on investment.